Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kitten Mittens

So I've been a bit sporadic about updating the blog recently. That's because we got a new kitten!!! Meet Cupcake, a former stray we adopted from the Friends of Feral Felines in Portland. She's about four months old, has double paws (polydactyly), is a very light orange and sooooo cute! For those who are unfamiliar with polydactyly, this means that she has several extra toes (hers are all on her front paws, but you can have them on back paws as well), making it look almost like she has a thumb!

We named her Cupcake (or CC for short) after one of my favorite local designers when I lived in Boston: Johnny Cupcake. This is because her double paws look a bit like oven mitts, which are used in several of Johnny Cupcake's designs.

This has also led to another nickname for her: Kitten Mitten!

The other cats, Rosy and Chester, aren't best friends with her yet, but they do play around, sniff her, and generally tolerate her presence. We've eased the transition by giving them lots of treats, petting, and a new and improved (and a lot bigger) scratching post. This one has four levels for cats to enjoy! Pillars at the bottom, a hidey-hole on the 2nd (or 1st floor, if you're European), a little dougnut-shaped (with a pillar in the middle) landing (kitten fits on this level perfectly),

and lastly the top. The top is a favorite amongst all of the cats, but Chester fits inside it perfectly. He didn't really use our old one as much because he was too big and had to sleep with his legs hanging out all over. Now he can curl up and rule over his kingdom with a view of everything!

Our benevolent ruler, Chester Copperpot.

So our fam has increased in size to five (including my husband and me) and we couldn't be happier, even if it's kept me from being as productive with my crafting. Now that everyone's gotten used to each other, I'm sure I'll be able to find the time! :)

Our happy feline household: Chester Copperpot on top, Rosalita on the old post in back, and Cupcake crawling out of the hidey-hole.


  1. Awww, so cute! I heart kitties! We used to have a cat with double paws on all four paws.

  2. Cupcake is a sweetie! It's great that you got a rescue kitty and gave her a nice home!

  3. Cupcake is darling! Extra nails to trim too, hee hee :) We've got one kitty Gracie and she would LOVE that awesome scratching post! What a great way to keep them happy in this transition. Totally get the Chester Copperpot name (child of the 80s) :)

  4. OMG, fabulous name since I am addicted to cupcakes and have a few shirts from Johnny Cupcakes...we have a polydactyl named Mille 7 toes on each front paw & 5 on each back paw...the front paws look like baseball mitts and she can pick things up & hold them!

  5. Congrats on the new addition of Cupcake! Her little oven mittens are so cute! I love rescue animals! They are the best!

  6. Thanks! All our cats so far are from humane societies or rescues and they've all turned out FABULOUS!