Sunday, October 4, 2009


I've dealt with insomnia since 11th grade in high school (I believe it had something to do with a lot of AP courses combined with a lot of sports/extracurriculars) and while I have it mostly under control now, it rears its ugly head every month or two. Like last night for example. So this made me wonder what insomnia-themed items are available on Etsy! Click on the artist/shop name below each image to go to their Etsy page!

By ValeriaH

By Michelle Yap

By Rosalie Rushing

By OhThisNose

By Elsita

By Tsinganos

By GlassAddictions

Hopefully next time I find myself waiting a little too long for a visit from Mister Sandman, I'll be able to create some awesome and bizarre artwork as well! :D


  1. Wow! Wonderful stuff you found. I have trouble sleeping sometimes and it drives me nuts. Usually my brain just won't shut off!

    This is one of my favorite poems--it's about insomnia of course:

  2. What a great poem! It's so true! Thanks for sharing. I haven't read too many Sylvia Plath poems, but this one makes me want to read more!