Friday, October 2, 2009

This Is Why We Shouldn't Cook...

This is what happens when my husband and I try to cook. Can you tell what's wrong with this picture? Yes, it's a pizza that looks like an ear. Ear pizza. Sound appetizing? Yeah, not so much. We couldn't get the dough to spread in a circular fashion, so when we popped it in the oven, we thought, "bah, who cares? So the crust'll look like a lima bean. No problem." Little did we know that during the cooking process, our bean pizza would slowly morph into "The Van Gogh Special." Doesn't really make your mouth water, does it? Especially with the earwax-colored grease on the pineapple section. Ewwww. Looks like it came off of a boxer's head (we shoulda put some cauliflower on it. Get it? Cauliflower ear?...It's funny. Trust me). It did taste fine, however, and once we sliced it up it looked a lot more appetizing.

Yeah, you may also notice the cutting board that we put it on. See the fish picture on the upper left corner? Yep. This is one of those cutting boards that are supposed to be reserved for specific types of food (fish, chicken, red meat, and vegetables). This is clearly the fish board. Are we using it for fish? Definitely not. *Sigh. We've never really gotten around to using these boards for their original purpose, since we don't cook meat all that often. I use the red meat one for my polymer clay work (don't worry! It was never used - yeah, we really don't cook red meat ever- so don't think that I'm using a butcher block for my clay molding!). Yeah, we're not the greatest cooks, but we try, often with hilarious results.

I'll leave you with a few cute photos. Here's Chester looking all festive with a pile of mini pumpkins.
And the three all getting along on their new cat post. I call it the tower of power. We've got Chester at the top, Cupcake on the next, and Rosalita hanging out in the hidey-hole. Glad they're all getting along! They don't mind our cooking (granted, their food comes straight out of bags and cans, but still)!

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  1. I love the pizza, thanks for posting made me laugh out loud